How Can I Get My Hair Back? Supplement v Drugs. What’s the difference?


Truth be told the difference has been blurred over the past few decades by marketing programs that got creative with the definitions of words like “natural” and “organic”. But if we get back to the roots (pun intended) of supplements as dietary assistance; filling gaps left from bad nutrition choices or just geographic vitamin and mineral deficiencies, that clears the line up a bit. These vitamins and minerals are the catalysts that will keep all the mechanisms of your body running as intended. When they are found coming up short, your body has to make a choice of what system it will support. Fortunately your body does not view the hair on your head as a top priority. I say fortunately because a good looking corpse… is still a corpse. 

Many say that supplementation is more important today it has been in the past. As food production demands increase, crop rotation is not incorporated as often and leaves the soil depleted. This leads to less nutrient-dense foods for many people. Add to that the processing and expedited preparation of our modern food supply chain, increased stresses of the modern workplace and you can start to see why more people today are losing their hair (men and women). This is where HairXT100 comes in. When a person starts to lose their hair it is a lagging sign of a domino effect that started quite a few steps back. Getting to the root (still intended) is the key. Providing the best blend of micro nutrients to the scalp will allow the hair to grow naturally and look its best because quality supplements are made to support the function of the natural systems of the body. 

Conversely, a drug is intended to disrupt the natural systems of the body. This can be beneficial in many cases. For instance, when cells mutate, start to form cancer and need to be subdued. Or during any severe trauma when it’s important to block the pain pathways to administer treatment. But drugs to stimulate hair growth should be viewed as a band-aide and used short term. Especially when you consider some of the potential side effects these drugs carry with them. Just like an athlete that uses performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to up his game, once he stops taking PEDs, the body will have shut down the natural pathways that provide, strength, speed and low body fat and it will be very hard to get them back; You can expect the same thing when coming off of drug based products for hair growth. And the longer you use them, the harder it will be to reverse the effects. Again, we are not saying never to use these, but they should be viewed as a band aide and not a long term treatment. 

HairXT100 was designed to support and expedite the hair growth in its natural manner. If you are having a problem with thinning hair, your hair not growing fast enough or losing its healthful look, hairXT100 can help you get it back.