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7 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Winter Hair Health

Caring for your hair in the winter

As weather condition varies from season to season, hair can be damaged trying to adjust to the environment. It is very common to face some problems associated with the arrival of winter. During this cold and often windy season, you will see hair flying around that has a dull looking texture to it. With the cooling temperatures, you may be wondering, “What can be done to combat this and keep my hair healthy?”, as winter months can lead to a declining silky appearance. Well we are here for you with 7 tips for healthy hair in the winter!

Here are 7 helpful tips that will promote healthy hair...

Get To Know... Saw Palmetto!

What is Saw Palmetto?

What is Saw Palmetto and why do I keep hearing about it?

Saw Palmetto (sometimes referred to as serona repens) is a plant that produces a fruit. When the fruit is ripened, it can be processed to produce the herb known as Saw Palmetto Extract (SPE).  This extract is used in different forms to treat a few health issues. Most people know of Saw Palmetto Extract in the treatment of prostate issues in men’s health as there have been many studies that show SPE being effective in this area. This is even better news when you consider that it works without dealing with the sexual side effects associated...